Fortune-Telling Methods From A-Z: Aeromancy

Aeromancy is a way of predicting the future using weather conditions such as wind direction, thunder, lightening, cloud formations, etc.

First meditate on a question that you need answered, then observe the sky.

Interpretations using wind direction require questions that use yes/no answers. If you struggle with directions, I recommend using a compass. If the wind is coming from the north, or west, your answer will be “yes.” If the wind is coming from the south, or east, your answer will be “no.”




Phone Calls From Beyond the Grave?

A couple weeks ago I found myself researching phone calls from beyond the grave.

I had something very strange happen today. As I was studying for finals, I heard the phone ring twice. I checked to see who had called. There was no sign anyone had called on the call log, or the caller ID.

I wasn’t going to mention this, until my husband told me that the same thing happened to him at the exact same time.

I started to wonder if a deceased loved one was trying to make contact…tertia-van-rensburg-37121-unsplash

Fortune-Telling Methods From A-Z: Alectormancy

Alectormancy is performed by observing the feeding patterns of a rooster. The letters of the alphabet are written in a circular pattern, and covered with grain. The areas where the rooster pecks at the grain will spell out a word, or message. Sometimes, the letters will spell out the name of someone who intends to harm you.

Another way Alectormancy can be performed is by reciting every letter of the alphabet until the rooster responds. Keep reciting the alphabet until every letter the rooster respond to spells out a word, or message.


Crystal Healing: Vanadinite

This stone comes in multiple colors: red, orange, and yellow. It has multiple uses.

Keep Vanadinite near you when you have writer’s block. It will help enhance your creativity.

Keep Vanadinite near you to keep you balanced, when you have an impulse you are trying to control, such as overspending.

It can also be used to help with breathing problems, and fatigue.